We examined the binding to foreign antigens and the expression of crossreactive idiotypes by a panel of 20 murine monoclonal autoantibodies encoded by V genes from the VH J558 family. 9 of 20 antibodies bound to foreign antigens such as bacterial polysaccharides, poly(Glu50, Tyr50), poly(Glu54,Lys37,Phe9), arsonate, and lysozyme, known to interact with antibodies encoded by genes from the VH J558 family. A high proportion of our panel of autoantibodies expressed crossreactive idiotypes originally borne by monoclonal rheumatoid factors, anti-Sm, and anti-DNA antibodies, all encoded by V genes from the VH J558 family. Some of these VH J558+ autoantibodies shared crossreactive idiotypes with VH J558+ antibodies directed against foreign antigens such as influenza virus hemagglutinin, poly(Glu60,Ala30,Tyr10), arsonate, and dextran. The implications of these findings are discussed with respect to the process of activation of self-reactive clones.

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