We have identified large quantities of a water-soluble, non-RT1.A class I MHC molecule in the serum of the DA rat strain, with a similar molecule being found in aqueous extracts of DA liver. The non-RT1.A class I molecules have heavy chains of 41 kD, which is smaller than RT1.A class I molecules isolated from liver membranes (45 kD) but larger than water-soluble RT1.A class I molecules previously identified in serum and aqueous extracts of liver and kidney (40 kD). NH3-terminal amino acid sequencing of bulk-purified RT1.A class I molecules and of this novel non-RT1.A class I molecule revealed two substitutions, in the first 25 amino acids, Tyr----His at position 9, and Ala----Ser at position 24. The non-RT1.A class I molecule did not react with any of the well-characterized polymorphic and monomorphic antibodies directed against RT1.Aa class I molecules, but did react with the MRC OX18 antibody. A similar class I molecule could not be identified on liver membranes. The non-RT1.A class I molecule was found in large quantities (approximately 20 micrograms/ml) in the serum of the DA rat strain, and similarly large quantities appeared to be present in the sera of BN, PVG, and LEW.RT1a rats. WAG and LEW.RT1u rats had readily detectable but lower amounts of this molecule in their serum, while LEW and SHR rats had little if any present. This molecule probably represents the rat homologue of the murine Q10 gene product, and is the major class I product in the serum of the DA rat strain.

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