In our accompanying paper, we described a switch variant (BCL1.2.58) that expresses membrane and secreted forms of IgM and IgG1. Both IgM and IgG1 share the same idiotype and use the same VDJ rearrangement. Here, a detailed Southern blot analysis of the entire constant region of the Ig heavy chain (Ig CH) locus of parental (BCL1.B1) and variants (BCL1.B2) DNA showed no detectable rearrangement. Similar analysis of the JH-C mu region led to the conclusion that two heavy chain alleles present in the IgM/IgG1-producing variants carried the same VDJ rearrangement but differed in their 3' flanking regions. One chromosome 12 did not carry any Ig CH genes, whereas, the other chromosome 12 carried one copy of CH genes. In BCL1.B1, however, each of the chromosome 12 alleles carried a full copy of CH genes. Karyotypic analysis confirmed the presence of two translocated t(12;16) chromosomes in both BCL1.2.58 and BCL1.B1 cells, with a break 5' to the VH locus at the distal region (12F2) of chromosome 12, and at the proximal region below the centromere (16B3) of chromosome 16. We conclude that double production of IgM and IgG1 in BCL1.B2 is accomplished by transcription of the corresponding CH genes in germline configuration using a single VDJ on the same chromosome 12.

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