The rat W3/25 antigen that appears to be equivalent to human CD4 (T4) antigen is expressed on thymocytes and T helper cells and plays a role in the response of T helper cells to antigen. The W3/25 and anti-T4 antibodies also label macrophages. In this paper we examine whether the macrophage antigen is the same as that on T cells. New monoclonal antibodies against the rat CD4 antigen, MRC OX-35 through OX-38, are described, all of which label peritoneal macrophages from normal and athymic rats. The molecular weight of W3/25 antigen on macrophages is indistinguishable from that on T cells. We conclude that macrophages express authentic CD4 (W3/25) antigen. Another new monoclonal antibody, MRC OX-34, labels an antigen of 50-54,000 mol wt that is expressed on rat T but not B cells or peritoneal macrophages. It was used to control for the presence of any T cell products in immunoprecipitation from rat macrophage extracts.

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