A number of group B streptococcal strains of various serotypes, Ia, Ib, Ic, II, and III were examined for their ability to bind human IgG and IgA. No strains of group B streptococci were found to bind IgG, but many strains possessing the Ibc protein antigen(s) were found to bind a significant amount of IgA. The extent of IgA binding correlated with the amount of a 130,000 mol wt, detergent-extractable protein, and reactivity with the Ic typing sera. Using nitrocellulose blots, it was found that the 130,000 mol wt protein bound human IgA. A method was developed to purify the protein while retaining its ability to bind human IgA. Using solid phase radioimmunoassays, it was determined that the protein bound to the Fc region of monomeric or polymeric IgA and that it failed to bind IgM or any IgG isotype.

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