An assessment of the importance of mink cell focus-inducing (MCF)-type recombinant murine leukemia viruses in spontaneous thymic lymphomagenesis and of the genetic factors affecting its occurrence was carried out with F1 hybrids between AKR and various other inbred strains. There was generally close agreement between the frequency of detection of MCF virus, of thymocyte antigenic amplification in the preleukemic period, and of spontaneous lymphoma. Also, hybrid combinations with moderate to high spontaneous lymphoma were uniformly susceptible to lymphoma induction by neonatal inoculation of MCF 247 virus, while lower leukemic hybrids were at least partially resistant to the induced disease. At least four resistance genes can be identified as affecting the disease in the various hybrids: Fv-1, Rmcf, an unidentified gene carried by the C57 series of mice and SJL, and an unidentified minor gene carried by several other strains.

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