We investigated the feasibility of generating cytotoxic T cell clones against autologous human melanoma cells using a melanoma cell line (VIP) and a spontaneously transformed autologous fibroblast line (VIP-F:T). Cytotoxic lymphocytes (CL) generated against the VIP melanoma cells in one-way mixed lymphocyte-tumor cell interactions were expanded in interleukin 2 for 2 wk. The expanded CL were cloned in limiting dilution. Two phenotypically homogeneous clones (3:1 and E.5) were obtained bearing OKT3 phenotype. Both clones expressed cytotoxicity selectively only against the sensitizing autologous target VIP. cytotoxicity assays performed with clone E.5 against the VIP target cells in the presence of autologous unfractionated lymphocytes or serum showed no modulation of autoreactivity of clone E.5. These results indicate that analysis of cellular immune response against autologous tumor cells might be feasible using autoreactive clones generated by the currently available in vitro cloning technology.

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