Dimethylbenzanthracene-induced P1 sarcoma cells induce P1-specific antibodies in syngeneic DA rats. Antiidiotypic antibodies of specificity DA anti-(DA anti-P1) were induced against the tumor-specific antibodies and used to restimulate P1-primed DA T cells in vitro. Using antiidiotypic antibodies and T cell growth factor, P1-specific cytotoxic DA T cell clones were established by limiting dilution and kept in vitro. Two of these clones acquired during culture periods in addition to the P1 specificity lytic activity towards natural killer (NK) targets YAC-1 or K562. Cold target inhibition experiments showed that the very same cytotoxic T cells kill P1 and NK targets. Antiidiotypic antibodies of specificity DA anti-(DA anti-P1) inhibited cytotoxicity against P1 but not against YAC-1 or K562. We conclude that two independent receptors are located on these double-reactive T cell clones, one that is idiotypic and antigen-specific, and another displaying the binding profile of NK cells.

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