Supernates of neuraminidase and galactose oxidase (NAGO)-treated lymphocytes induce blastogenesis in nonproliferating cells harvested 7--14 d after treatment with mitogen or alloantigen and in cells incubated with mitogen for 7--14 d but not in freshly isolated peripheral blood lymphocytes9 Virtually all the growth factor is produced by NAGO-treated cells during the first 24 h of incubation, and no increase in factor activity is detected upon further cell culture. Serum is not required for growth factor production. NAGO-primed medium induces generation of specific cytotoxic T cells from mixed lymphocyte culture (MLC) memory cells to approximately the same extent as that induced by allogeneic cells (stimulating cells in the primary MLC). NAGO-primed medium provides a useful reagent for isolation and characterization of lymphocyte growth factors and other lymphokines.

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