Inhibitor of DNA synthesis (IDS) is a T-lymphocyte factor, whose role in immunnoregulation might be to nonspecifically suppress the immune system especially in situations where very high, prolonged tolerogenic doses of antigens are present. We have purified IDS-contained supernates of stimulated lymphocytes to homogeneity, through isoelectric focusing and Sephadex gel chromatography. IDS has an isoelectric point of 2.73-2.75 and in its monomeric form has a mol wt of 20,000 but exists in the supernate usually as an aggregated tetrameric form. Di- and trimeric forms are also seen. All forms are biologically active. Purity was confirmed by SDS gel electrophoresis and the binding of dansyl chloride to terminal or free amino groups of proteins and peptides. We have, further confirmed that pure IDS is not cytotoxic and is probably a glycoprotein whose activity depends on an intact carbohydrate moiety.

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