Based on functional and structural data, it is concluded that the Ss protein in the mouse expresses the activity of the fourth component of complement. Removal of the Ss, but not of Slp, antigen correlates with a high degree of significance (P less than 0.001) with decrease of C4 hemolytic activity. In phenotypically Slp negative mice the plasma/serum levels of Ss correlate with the C4 activity (P less than 0.001). Structurally, Ss is a 209,000-mol wt protein, consisting of three covalently linked polypeptide chains (alpha,beta,gamma). Treatment of Ss with C1 cleaves a 7,000-8,000-mol wt fragment from the alpha-chain. Slp is also a three chain covalently linked protein of 209,000 daltons, however its three chains differ in size from those of the Ss protein. Slp does not express hemolytic activity and its alpha-chain is not cleaved by C1.

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