A cell hybrid has been selected from fusion of a mouse myeloma and rat spleen cells immunized against mouse lymphoma cells that produces monoclonal antibody against the mouse lymphocyte surface glycoprotein, T200. Antibody binding assays employing the monoclonal antibody show that there are about 50,000-100,000 molecules of T200 glycoprotein on mouse thymocytes and that similar antigens are present on spleen and bone marrow but not detected on nonlymphoid tissues. Examination of the labeled molecules precipitated from detergent extracts of spleen cells and thymocytes iodinated by the lactoperoxidase technique by SDS-PAGE confirm that there are structural differences between the antigens found on B and T lymphocytes. The B-cell glycoprotein consists of at least one component of apparent mol wt 220,000 on SDS-PAGE, while the T-cell glycoprotein has an apparent mol wt of about 190,000.

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