It has previously been shown that J.H., a human leukocyte antigen (HLA)-Dw2 homozygous multiparous woman, fails to respond in a mixed lymphocyte reaction (MLR) to her Dw1 homozygous husband W.H., and that her T cells suppress the responses of HLA matched responders to W.H. The present studies take advantage of the observation that J.H. suppressor cells resist a dose of gamma-irradiation which functionally eliminates her MLR responder cells. J.H. cells, depleted of alloreactive cells, suppress the responses of Dw2 heterozygous or homozygous cells to W.H., regardless of their associated HLA-A or B antigens. Only when W.H. or a few other cells are present as the irradiated stimulator is J.H. suppression of Dw2 responses detected. Thus, the J.H. suppressor T cell recognizes determinants in the irradiated stimulator cells as well as D locus products in the responder.

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