Genes in the H-2 complex regulate the relative immunogenicity of the H-7.1 histocompatibility alloantigen, as measured by survival times of H-7.1-incompatible skin grafts in vivo. The gene controlling relative rejectability of H-7.1-incompatible grafts has been mapped to the H-2D region. H-7.1-incompatible skin grafts donated by H-2Db donors were rejected significantly more rapidly by H-2a/H-2b heterozygous recipients than similar H-7.1-incompatible grafts donated by H-2Dd donors. Further, there was absolutely no evidence of H-2 restriction in cytotoxic effector activity. In vivo cross-priming, as indicated by accelerated secondary graft rejection, was extensive. The efficiency of cross-priming was dependent upon the primary and secondary graft donor H-2 haplotypes.

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