A simple procedure to enrich the antigen (keyhole limpet hemocyanin, KLH)-specific suppressor T cell was described. The suppressor T cell from KLH)-immunized mice specifically bound to the KLH-coated Sephadex G-200 column at 37 degrees C, and was eluted from the column by cold (0-4 degrees C) medium. The helper T cell did not bind to the column under the identical condition. The suppressor T cell thus obtained had 100 times as potent suppressor activity as the original spleen cells in in vivo and in vitro secondary antibody responses against a hapten coupled to KLH. This procedure also enriched the cells bearing I-J determinants and Lyt-2,3 alloantigens, allowing us to study the phenotypic expressions on the suppressor T cell by direct serological procedures as well as by the use of the fluorescence activated cell sorter. Parallel functional and serological analyses indicated that the antigen-specific suppressor T cell belongs to a population of I-J+, Lyt-2+,3+ and Fc R- T cells.

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