Immunoelectrophoresis revealed in phenol extracts from S. faecalis and S. faecium a mixture of free and lipid-bound teichoic acids, both reactive with Group D antisera. In phenol extracts from S. suis only lipid-bound teichoic acid, also reactive with Group D antiserum, was seen. This difference probably accounts for the low yield of Group D antigen from S. suis as compared with S. faecalis and S. faecium when heating at pH 2 is used for extraction. When phenol is used good yields are obtained from S. suis as well as from S. faecalis and S. faecium. Lipoteichoic acids from S. faecalis and S. faecium have a backbone structure the same as or similar to that of Group A streptococcal teichoic acid. Lipoteichoic acid from S. suis has a structure differing from that of S. faecalis and S. faecium, e.g., possibly in the attachment of its glucosyl substituents. Precipitation reactions between S. suis lipoteichoic acid and Group D antisera were specifically inhibited by glucose. Reactions between S. bovis phenol extracts and some Group D antisera were also specifically inhibited by glucose, but extracts from S. faecalis and S. faecium were not. This may indicate a monosaccharide glucosyl substituent in teichoic acid from S. suis and S. bovis instead of the di- or trisaccharide previously postulated as the glucosyl substituent in the teichoic acid of S. faecalis.

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