The cellular basis of the genetic control of the immune response to poly(LTyr, LGlu)-polyDLAla--polyLLys [(T,G)-A--L] in SJL (H-2s, low responder) mice has been investigated using T-cell factors. Thymocytes of SJL origin were educated to (T,G)-A--L and tested for their ability to produce an antigen-specific factor capable of cooperating in vivo with bone marrow cells of either SJL or C3H.SW (high responder) origin. SJL T cells were found to be incapable of producing such a cooperative factor, in contrast with results previously obtained with C3H/HeJ (low responders) and C3H.SW strains. Moreover, SJL bone marrow cells did not produce an antibody response to (T,G)-A--L, even when combined with factor produced by high responder (C3H.SW) mice. Thus, both T and B cells appear to be defective in the SJL strain in the response to (T,G)-A--L.

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