An IgA phosphorylcholine (PC)-binding myeloma protein with IgCH allotypic determinants different from those of BALB/c mice is characterized. The myeloma, CBPC 2, was induced in the CB-20 strain of mice which is congenic to BALB/c but differs from it by carrying the A15 allotypic determinant of C57BL/ka mice. Sequence analysis of the CBPC 2 light chain through the first hypervariable region, as well as isoelectric point analysis, show that this chain is indistinguishable from that of T15, a PC-binding myeloma protein of BALB/c origin. The heavy chains of CBPC 2 and T15 differ by only two amino acids (positions 14 and 16) through the first hypervariable region. As measured by inhibition of precipitation, both CBPC 2 and T15 have the same specificity for PC, glycerophosphorylcholine, acetylcholine, and choline. In addition, CBPC 2 possesses the binding site-associated idiotypic determinant which is present on T15. However, like normal or induced C57BL/6 anti-PC antibody, it does not possess the nonbinding site idiotypic determinant.

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