This report describes receptors for C4b on human peripheral B lymphocytes. The simultaneous presence of C3b and C4b receptors on the same lymphocytes was demonstrated by the formation of mixed rosettes consisting of the lymphocytes, EAC14 and EAC1423. Furthermore, reduction of the number of EAC1423 rosette-forming lymphocytes in a lymphocyte population by albumin gradient centrifugation concomitantly reduced EAC14 rosette-forming lymphocytes. Binding of EAC14 intermediates to receptors on human lymphocytes and erythrocytes could be inhibited by equal amounts of soluble C3b or C4b, suggesting the presence of a single receptor for both ligands on those cells. In contrast, the results of the rosette assay with Raji cells, cultured human lymphoblastoid cells, EAC14 and EAC1423 suggested that the receptors for C4b and C3b are distinct entities, since Raji cells formed rosettes with EAC1423, but not with EAC14. Moreover, this report demonstrates a cooperation of erythrocyte-bound C4b and C3b in the binding of EAC1423 to B lymphocytes. In contrast to KAF-treated C3b, KAF-treated C4b did not bind to B lymphocytes, indicating that these cells lack a receptor for C4d.

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