The expression of an idiotype characteristic of anti-p-azophenylarsonate antibodies of all A/J mice was explored in F1 progeny, in other inbred strains, and in congenic mice. Of the strains tested only those closely related to A/J produced antibodies with the cross-reactive idiotype (CRI). None of the mice synthesized intermediate levels of CRI. No relationship between H-2 type and idiotype was noted. Congenic mice with a strain A background but a different H-2 type produced CRI in amounts quantitatively equivalent to those of strain A mice. Conversely, the presence of the H-2 genotype of strain A on an unrelated background was not associated with the formation of CRI. Nearly all F1 progeny of strain A mice formed CRI, indicating that failure of the other (non-A) parental strain to produce CRI is not attributable to the presence of a gene controlling the synthesis of a suppressor of CRI. NZB mice, which have the same heavy chain allotype as strain A, but are unrelated in origin, failed to produce CRI, although allotype has been shown to be linked to idiotype in congenic strains.

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