Electrophoretically monodisperse antibody components in rabbit antisera to the carbohydrates of the Groups A and C streptococci have been examined for their individual antigenic specificity. In these antibody components which were isolated by preparative electrophoresis, individual antigenic specificity was confined to the specific antibody and was absent in the nonantibody γ-globulin. Radioprecipitation experiments and the use of immune absorbent columns constructed from goat anti-antisera, which had been absorbed with fraction II, revealed that all the specific antibody in an electrophoretically monodisperse component was reactive with the homologous anti-antibody.

Antibodies with either identical or distinct individual antigenic specificities may occur in the same rabbit with repeated immunizations. Antibodies with identical antigenic specificity had identical electrophoretic mobility, whereas antibodies with unrelated antigenic specificities had distinct electrophoretic mobilities. In the interval between immunizations, if antibody to the carbohydrate antigen was absent, there was no detectable antibody with individual antigenic specificity.

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