A method is described for the measurement of inulin and PAH clearances in rats without killing the animal. Inulin clearance measurements of partially nephrectomized rats and sham-control rats were made before operation and at intervals following the operation; inulin clearances were determined on normal rats at intervals during their growth. In another series of partially nephrectomized rats and their sham-operated controls, inulin and PAH clearances were determined in all the animals before and at intervals following the operation. Glomerular counts were made in some rats.

After partial nephrectomy the inulin clearance is reduced but not as much as would be expected considering the amount of renal tissue removed. The mean inulin clearance per nephron is greatly increased in the partially nephrectomized rat when compared to the value determined for the control rat. The inulin clearance of the partially nephrectomized rat shows a progressive decline which is first clearly evident about 6 months after operation. The sham-operated rats showed an inulin clearance slightly less than that of nonoperated controls about 24 to 30 wk after the operation. In the normal rats the inulin clearance relative to body weight is much greater in rats with a mean weight of 197 ± 3 g than in normals which are older and heavier.

The PAH dearance of the partially nephrectomized rat is reduced following operation but undergoes no further change in the ensuing 24 wk.

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