Depriving the bronchial muscles of one side of the lungs of their motor innervation does not interfere with sensitization nor the production of the typical anaphylactic lung. There is, therefore, direct sensitization of the muscle substance.

Complete degeneration of the vagus nerve, after sensitization has occurred, interferes in no appreciable way with the course of immediate anaphylaxis.

Partial degeneration of the vagus nerve, so that the bronchodilator fibers are still physiologically active, after sensitization has taken place, exerts no effect on the symptoms and lung picture of immediate anaphylaxis (very acute anaphylaxis with death after some minutes).

No definite evidence was obtained regarding the function of the motor nerve endings in the bronchial muscles in anaphylaxis.

The two sides of the lungs in immediate anaphylaxis may occasionally be unequal; when this occurs, the left side, especially the lower lobe, is usually fuller than the right side.

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