It has been shown that the polymers GLA5, GLT, GLA40, and GLAT are antigenic in human beings. Both immediate skin reactions and delayed (cellular) reactions were observed.

The antibody produced reacted well in the precipitin reaction, agglutinated antigen coated tanned sheep cells, was less effective in inducing PCA reactions, and failed to sensitize guinea pigs for passive systemic anaphylaxis.

The immediate skin reactivity appeared not to be related to the P-K antibody. The delayed reaction was histologically distinct from the immediate reaction and consisted of perivascular lymphocytic infiltration in contrast to the predominantly polymorphonuclear cells in the latter reaction. The antigenic response against the polymers resembled that observed with proteins. From cross-reactions it appears that the response is heterogeneous in the sense that not all individuals react against the same groupings in the complex polymers.

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