We are unable to confirm the observations reported by Cole and Favour that passive transfer of plasma fractions containing alpha globulin (IV + V or IV-10) from tuberculin-sensitive guinea pigs confers delayed sensitivity to tuberculoprotein upon normal animals.

In guinea pigs with chronic cervical adenitis due to infection with group C hemolytic streptococci, injection of fraction IV + V and repeated skin tests with PPD induced indurated skin reactions of 9 to 10 mm., maximal at 24 hours, and, in one experiment, a positive tissue culture response to tuberculin. It is suggested that this reactivity was actively induced.

Normal or infected recipients of fraction I + II + III from the plasma of tuberculin-sensitive donors manifested edematous responses to tuberculopolysaccharide, maximal at 4 to 6 hours, as reported.

Skin tests with pneumococcal C polysaccharide revealed no evidence of passive transfer of C-reactive protein in fractions I + II + III or IV + V.

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