The injection of rabbit antidog-placenta serum in 11 dogs resulted in an acute nephritis which was fatal within a month in 4, progressed to a chronic disease in 5, and healed in 2 animals. The nephritis produced in 5 dogs by the injection of rabbit antidog-kidney serum was comparable to that following the injection of antiplacenta serum.

The manifestations of the acute disease included edema, hypertension, proteinuria, cylindruria, hematuria, nitrogen retention, hypoalbuminemia, hypercholesterolemia, increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate, and anemia. The non-fatal chronic nephritis was characterized by proteinuria, cylindruria, and hematuria. With the onset of renal failure elevation of the blood urea nitrogen again occurred.

Antiplacenta serum did not cause abortion when injected into pregnant dogs, nor did pregnancy modify the subsequent development of nephritis.

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