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JCB–JEM 2021 Symposium on Neurodegeneration

Neurodegenerative Diseases: Emerging Mechanisms and Therapeutic Opportunities

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Meeting summary image of a neuron

The Journal of Cell Biology (JCB) and Journal of Experimental Medicine (JEM) presented a two-day virtual symposium in April 2021 on neurodegeneration, bringing together prominent and diverse researchers for talks and poster presentations on the latest advances in fundamental and translational research on:

  • Alzheimer’s disease (AD)
  • Parkinson’s disease (PD)
  • frontotemporal dementia (FTD)
  • amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
  • other neurodegenerative disorders

The format of the meeting included two virtual sessions, each consisting of five or six 20-minute talks and one 12-minute short talk selected from abstract submissions, principally on unpublished work. In addition, there was one virtual poster session. The organizers selected two abstracts for short talks.


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Elizabeth M. Bradshaw Adler Assistant Professor of Neurological Sciences (in Neurology, the Taub Institute, and the Institute for Genomic Medicine), Columbia University

Clifford P. Brangwynne Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Princeton University/HHMI

Pietro De Camilli John Klingenstein Professor of Neuroscience and Professor of Cell Biology, Yale School of Medicine/HHMI

Ana Maria Cuervo Professor, Department of Developmental & Molecular Biology; Professor, Department of Anatomy & Structural Biology; Professor, Department of Medicine (Hepatology); Robert and Renée Belfer Chair for the Study of Neurodegenerative Diseases, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Li Gan Director, Helen and Robert Appel Alzheimer’s Disease Research Institute; Professor of Neuroscience, Weill Cornell Medical College

Constantino Iadecola Director/Chair, Feil Family Brain and Mind Research Institute; Anne Parrish Titzell Professor of Neurology and Neuroscience, Weill Cornell Medicine

Shane A. Liddelow Assistant Professor, Department of Neuroscience and Physiology; Assistant Professor, Department of Ophthalmology; Neuroscience Institute, NYU Langone School of Medicine

Giovanni Manfredi Finbar and Marianne Kenny Professor in Clinical and Research Neurology, Brain and Mind Research Institute; Professor of Neuroscience, Brain and Mind Research Institute; Professor of Neurology, Neurology, Weill Cornell Medical College

Anne Schaefer Tenured Professor and Vice-Chair in the Department of Neuroscience; Professor in the Department of Psychiatry; Co-director of the Center for Glial Biology at the Friedman Brain Institute, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Li-Huei Tsai Director, The Picower Institute for Learning and Memory; Picower Professor of Neuroscience, Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences; Senior Associate Member, Broad Institute, MIT

Ai Yamamoto Associate Professor of Neurology; Associate Professor of Pathology and Cell Biology, Columbia University

The symposium organizers were:

Li Gan Director, Helen and Robert Appel Alzheimer’s Disease Research Institute; Professor of Neuroscience, Weill Cornell Medical College

David Holtzman Professor and Chairman, Department of Neurology, Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis; JEM Editor

Richard J. Youle Senior Investigator, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke; JCB Editor

Melina Casadio JCB Senior Scientific Editor

Eric Sawey JEM Senior Scientific Editor

Tim Spencer JCB Executive Editor

Xin (Cindy) Sun JEM Scientific Editor

Poster Presentations

The event included a Live Poster Networking session, which featured 27 posters and interaction among presenters and attendees. The poster prize was awarded to Aanishaa Jhaldiyal of Johns Hopkins Medicine for "Understanding the role of PARP-1 biology in murine model of Alzheimer's disease." Select posters are available to view:


The organizers are committed to creating a collegial and constructive atmosphere and to providing professional development opportunities to a diverse group of junior researchers. The organizers encourage trainees of all levels to ask questions throughout the symposium and to contact organizers, presenters, and/or attendees in advance of the meeting to network and discuss their work.

Because talks and posters present unpublished data, audio/video recording, filming, or photographing is prohibited during talks and the poster session. Please refrain from tweeting, blogging, or broadcasting on social media about talks and posters without the presenter’s permission. We appreciate your cooperation in making the meeting fruitful and the atmosphere positive, in adhering to these guidelines, and in respecting the wishes of presenters who prefer that their talk, poster, or unpublished results not be shared via social media.


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