Na+ efflux across basolateral membranes of isolated epithelia of frog skin was tested for voltage sensitivity. The intracellular Na+ transport pool was loaded with 24Na from the apical solution and the rate of isotope appearance in the basolateral solution (JNa23) was measured at timed intervals of 30 s. Basolateral membrane voltage was depolarized by either 50 mM K+, 5 mM Ba++, or 80 mM NH+4. Whereas within 30 s ouabain caused inhibition of JNa23, depolarization of Vb by 30-60 mV caused no significant change of JNa23. Thus, both pump-mediated and leak Na+ effluxes were voltage independent. Although the pumps are electrogenic, pump-mediated Na+ efflux is voltage independent, perhaps because of a nonlinear relationship between pump current and transmembrane voltage. Voltage independence of the leak Na+ efflux confirms a previous suggestion (Cox and Helman, 1983. American Journal of Physiology. 245:F312-F321) that basolateral membrane Na+ leak fluxes are electroneutral.

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