To study the mechanisms by which antidiuretic hormone and prostaglandins regulate Na transport at the apical membranes of the cells of anuran tissues, studies were done with fluctuation analysis. Epithelia of frog skin (Rana pipiens) were treated with vasopressin alone, or treated with vasopressin after inhibition of Na transport by indomethacin. The tissues were bathed symmetrically with a Cl-HCO3 Ringer solution and short-circuited continuously. In this experimental circumstance, the amiloride-induced current noise power density spectra were of the Lorentzian type with little or no l/f noise, provided that "scraped" skins were used for study. Despite large changes of Na transport, especially in epithelia treated with indomethacin and vasopressin, the single-channel Na current remained essentially unchanged, whereas the density of amiloride-inhibitable, electrically conductive Na channels was increased by vasopressin and decreased by indomethacin.

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