Spectral sensitivities of cells in principal eyes of the jumping spider Phidippus reqius were measured using techniques of intracellular recording. Three types of cells were found. UV cells had peak sensitivities at 370 nm and were over 4 log units less sensitive at wavelengths longer than 460 nm. Green-sensitive cells had spectral sensitivities which were well fit by nomogram curves peaking at 532 nm. UV-green cells had dual peaks of sensitivity at about 370 and 525 nm, but the ratios of UV-to-green sensitivities varied over a 40: 1 range from cell to cell. Moreover, responses of UV-green cells to flashes of UV light were slower than to flashes of green light. Segregation of receptor types into the known layers of receptors in these eyes could not be shown. It is concluded that jumping spiders have the potential for dichromatic color vision.

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