1. Experiments on the heliotropic orientation of Limulus were made which confirmed Loeb's photochemical theory of animal heliotropism proposed first in 1888 and 1889 in experiments on insects, and later in experiments on other forms of animals.

2. It is shown that these animals are oriented by light in such a way that the product

I x t x cos α

is the same for the symmetrical photosensitive elements of the eyes or the skin, where I is the intensity of the light, t the duration of illumination, and α the angle of incidence of the light at the surface element of the photosensitive organ.

3. When this equation holds, the products of decomposition by light must be the same in symmetrical elements of the eyes or skin, and the influence of these products of decomposition on the tension of symmetrical muscles of the locomotor organs of the animal must be the same. As a consequence the animal must move in the path of light, either to or from the source of light.

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