Potential changes both in pre- and postsynaptic axons were recorded from the giant synapse of squid with intracellular electrodes. Synaptic current was also recorded by a voltage clamp method. Facilitation of postsynaptic potential caused by applying two stimuli several milliseconds apart was accompanied by an increase in the amplitude of the presynaptic action potential. Depression of the postsynaptic potential occurred without changes in the presynaptic action potential. Increase in the concentration of Ca in sea water caused an increase in amplitude of the synaptic current. On the other hand increase in Mg concentration decreased the amplitude of the synaptic current. In these cases no appreciable change in the presynaptic action potential was observed. Extracellularly recorded potential changes of the presynaptic axon showed mainly a positive deflexion at the synaptic region and a negative deflexion in the more proximal part of the presynaptic axon. Mechanism of synaptic transmission is discussed.

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