Transtubular and peritubular face electrical potential differences (P.D.) of the proximal tubules of the kidney of the amphibian Necturus maculosus have been measured in situ. These measurements have been carried out both under normal conditions, when the tubular fluid originates in the glomerular filtrate, and under conditions when the composition of the tubular fluid has been altered using the stopped flow microperfusion technique. Under normal conditions the transtubular potential difference is 20 mv. (lumen-negative) and the P.D. across the peritubular face is 74 mv. (cell-negative). The P.D. across the luminal face is thus 54 mv. (cell-negative). This electrical asymmetry is not influenced by replacing the normal tubular fluid by NaCl, NaCl + mannitol, or by alteration in the intraluminal pH from 7 to 4. On the other hand, replacement of Na by K or choline and the addition of small amounts of DNP to the perfusate diminish this asymmetry.

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