(a) Photosynthesis with protoplasm isolated from Chara or Nitella as measured by C14 fixation has been obtained at a rate 12 to 15 per cent of that of the whole cells.

(b) Photosynthesis by cut cells of Chara or Nitella with the vacuolar sap removed was at a rate comparable to that of the whole cells.

(c) Both the protoplasm and the cut cells reduced CO2 in the light to sucrose and hexose phosphates. Other products formed were also detected by paper chromatography. In contrast, dark controls fixed the C14 into products associated with plant respiration.

(d) An important difference in the products from the extruded protoplasm was the absence of C14-labelled pentoses or sedoheptulose which were formed, however, by the whole or cut cells. This suggests that the most sensitive site affected by disruption of the cells may be the steps involved in the regeneration of the "C-2 acceptor" for CO2 fixation in photosynthesis.

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