1. An efficient generator of focused ultrasound has been designed, built, and successfully operated.

2. The generator has been used to produce focal heating in the centers of paraffin blocks, and in a similar manner, focal areas of destruction were obtained deep in fresh liver tissue with minimal effects at the surface and no effects on the intervening tissue.

3. In animals, focused ultrasound of high intensity produced local cerebral changes as inferred from behavior disabilities and as demonstrated at autopsy. This local brain effect was achieved through intervening scalp, skull, and meninges. The resulting behavior disabilities disappeared in from 2 to 16 hours.

4. To date, it has not been possible to produce such brain changes without incidental injury to the skin and subcutaneous tissue lying at the base of the cone of radiation.

5. Improvements in generation and application of the focused supersonic beam are suggested whereby it should be possible to increase still further the focal effects in the brain, with a corresponding decrease or elimination of complicating surface injury.

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