1. The electrophoretic activity of particles of human skin in distilled water and different concentrations of salt solutions has been studied. The electrokinetic potential and the charge density were determined and comparisons made with results obtained by electroendosmosis.

2. The electrokinetic potential is ultimately decreased if sufficient salt is added. The order of inhibition is Al > Ca > Ba > K > Na.

3. The lyotrophic series Li > Na > K > Rb and Cl > I > Br express respectively the comparative effect of the monovalent cations and anions upon the electrokinetic potential of the skin.

4. Since both electrophoresis and electroendosmosis are dependent upon the electrokinetic potential, it follows from the results obtained, that the greatest rate of flow through the human skin under the force of an applied electrical current would be given by concentrations of neutral salts between 0.0001 M and 0.0002 M.

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