1. No significant change with time (to 24 hours) in the cataphoretic velocity of certain mammalian red cells occurs when the cells are suspended in M/15 phosphate buffer at pH = 7.35. Neither successive washings nor standing effect a change.

2. In M/15 phosphate buffer at pH 7.35 ± 0.03 the following order of red cell velocity has been obtained. The numbers in parenthesis are µ per second per volt per centimeter.

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The order, though not the absolute values, was the same in buffered isotonic dextrose. Human and rabbit cells showed similar differences when both were studied simultaneously in the serum of either. Under these conditions, there is no apparent relationship between zoological Order and cataphoretic velocity.

3. Cholesterol and quartz adsorb gelatin from dilute solution in the phosphate buffer. Red cells, on the other hand, even after 24 hours contact with gelatin solution, retain their previous velocity.

4. Pregnant and non-pregnant white female humans have the same red cell cataphoretic velocity. (The cells were not agglutinated.)

5. In a series of severe anemias no significant change in cataphoretic velocity was in general apparent, although marked changes in the morphology of the red cells were present.

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