1. The course of such processes as hemolysis is very largely dependent upon variations in resistance among the different individuals, and secondarily upon the course of the fundamental reaction.

2. The fundamental reaction may be either a simple process, or the expression of a complex series of changes whose rate is at all times governed by that of the slowest of the series. This might perhaps be regarded as another expression of the so called "Law of the minimum."

3. Unnatural assumptions would be requisite for the explanation of a resemblance between the course of such processes in general and that of a monomolecular reaction.

4. The supposition that such a general resemblance exists is not supported by the available evidence.

5. The independent determination of either the nature of the fundamental reaction, or the type of the variation curve for the particular case under observation, will further our knowledge of the nature of such processes and lead to a far deeper insight into the nature and reactions of living matter.

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