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The Year in Cell Biology: 2023

This collection features eleven of the articles published in the last year that most interested our readers. From the nanoscale structure of focal adhesions to ciliary homeostasis in astrocytes, this collection exemplifies the range of topics covered by JCB as well as the extraordinary quality and impact that they share. These articles convey exciting new discoveries in immunology, the cell cycle, organelle contacts, and neuroscience, and include exceptional new methods that captured the interest of our readers.

For 68 years, the Journal of Cell Biology has served as a preeminent outlet for impactful findings on the structures and operations within and among cells. We are indebted to our authors and our reviewers, whose shared commitment to the highest standards of research drive the many cell biological advances reported in our journal, including those highlighted here. Finally, we thank our diverse and dedicated readers around the world. Your interest in cell biology makes JCB possible.

Find the original research articles below and download a special magazine that contains the abstracts of all eleven studies.

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Original artwork by Elena G. Bansh.

Special Collection Image
Dominic Bingham; Channa Elise Jakobs; Florian Wernert; Fanny Boroni-Rueda; Nicolas Jullien; Eva-Maria Schentarra; Karoline Friedl; Julie Da Costa Moura; Danique Michelle van Bommel; Ghislaine Caillol; Yuki Ogawa; Marie-Jeanne Papandréou; Christophe Leterrier
James H. Vines; Hannes Maib; Catherine M. Buckley; Aurelie Gueho; Zhou Zhu; Thierry Soldati; David H. Murray; Jason S. King
Takahiro K. Fujiwara; Shinji Takeuchi; Ziya Kalay; Yosuke Nagai; Taka A. Tsunoyama; Thomas Kalkbrenner; Kokoro Iwasawa; Ken P. Ritchie; Kenichi G.N. Suzuki; Akihiro Kusumi
Takahiro K. Fujiwara; Taka A. Tsunoyama; Shinji Takeuchi; Ziya Kalay; Yosuke Nagai; Thomas Kalkbrenner; Yuri L. Nemoto; Limin H. Chen; Akihiro C.E. Shibata; Kokoro Iwasawa; Ken P. Ritchie; Kenichi G.N. Suzuki; Akihiro Kusumi
Femmy C. Stempels; Muwei Jiang; Harry M. Warner; Magda-Lena Moser; Maaike H. Janssens; Sjors Maassen; Iris H. Nelen; Rinse de Boer; William F. Jiemy; David Knight; Julian Selley; Ronan O’Cualain; Maksim V. Baranov; Thomas C.Q. Burgers; Roberto Sansevrino; Dragomir Milovanovic; Peter Heeringa; Matthew C. Jones; Rifka Vlijm; Martin ter Beest; Geert van den Bogaart
Jessica L. Moore; Dhananjay Bhaskar; Feng Gao; Catherine Matte-Martone; Shuangshuang Du; Elizabeth Lathrop; Smirthy Ganesan; Lin Shao; Rachael Norris; Nil Campamà Sanz; Karl Annusver; Maria Kasper; Andy Cox; Caroline Hendry; Bastian Rieck; Smita Krishnaswamy; Valentina Greco
Rémi Mascarau; Marie Woottum; Léa Fromont; Rémi Gence; Vincent Cantaloube-Ferrieu; Zoï Vahlas; Kevin Lévêque; Florent Bertrand; Thomas Beunon; Arnaud Métais; Hicham El Costa; Nabila Jabrane-Ferrat; Yohan Gallois; Nicolas Guibert; Jean-Luc Davignon; Gilles Favre; Isabelle Maridonneau-Parini; Renaud Poincloux; Bernard Lagane; Serge Bénichou; Brigitte Raynaud-Messina; Christel Vérollet
Maria Livia Sassano; Alexander R. van Vliet; Ellen Vervoort; Sofie Van Eygen; Chris Van den Haute; Benjamin Pavie; Joris Roels; Johannes V. Swinnen; Marco Spinazzi; Leen Moens; Kristina Casteels; Isabelle Meyts; Paolo Pinton; Saverio Marchi; Leila Rochin; Francesca Giordano; Blanca Felipe-Abrio; Patrizia Agostinis
Olesia Ignatenko; Satu Malinen; Sofiia Rybas; Helena Vihinen; Joni Nikkanen; Aleksander Kononov; Eija S. Jokitalo; Gulayse Ince-Dunn; Anu Suomalainen
Yujuan Fu; Yaxin Liu; Tanye Wen; Jie Fang; Yalong Chen; Ziying Zhou; Xinyi Gu; Hao Wu; Jinghao Sheng; Zhengping Xu; Wei Zou; Baohui Chen
Frederik J. Verweij; Maarten P. Bebelman; Anna E. George; Mickael Couty; Anaïs Bécot; Roberta Palmulli; Xavier Heiligenstein; Julia Sirés-Campos; Graça Raposo; Dirk Michiel Pegtel; Guillaume van Niel
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