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Terms of Use

a. Copyright Ownership: Ownership of copyright in the Article remains with the Authors.

b. Retained Rights: After the Article is published in the Journal, the Authors will have the right to distribute the Article in the form and format as published by RUP as the Authors see fit, so long as the Authors provide a citation to the Article and a link to the DOI associated with the Article. The Authors’ rights include (i) the right to publish the Article on the official website(s) of the institutions or organizations with which the Authors are affiliated and on the Authors’ websites; and (ii) the right to deposit the Article with any funding repository if required pursuant to a grant or funding agreement.

c.  License to RUP: The Authors hereby grant to RUP, from the date of submission of the Manuscript to RUP through the date that is six (6) months after the date on which the Article is published in the Journal (the “Initial Publication Period”), the exclusive right to (i) edit, revise, supplement and format the Manuscript as deemed necessary by RUP in connection with the creation of the Article; (ii) publish, reproduce, distribute, display and store the Article in all media and formats whether now or later known or developed; (iii) translate the Article into other languages, create adaptations, summaries and extracts of the Article and other derivative works based on the Manuscript and exercise all of the rights set forth in (i) and (ii) above in such translations, adaptations, summaries, extracts and derivative works; and (iv) license others to do any or all of the above. The Authors hereby grant to RUP, beginning immediately following the expiration of the Initial Publication Period and continuing thereafter in perpetuity, all of the right set forth in this Section 7(c) on a non-exclusive basis.

d.  Distribution by RUP:

i.  Initial Publication Period:During the Initial Publication Period, RUP will grant to the public the non-exclusive right to copy, distribute or display the Article, under the following conditions:

A.  Attribution: The user must attribute the Article as being copyright of the Authors and published in the Journal, but not in any way that suggests that the Authors or RUP endorse the user or the user’s use of the Article.

B.   Noncommercial: The user must not use the Article for commercial purposes.

C.   Share Alike: If the user shares, alters, transforms, or builds upon the Article, the user may distribute the resulting work only under the same license the user received from RUP.

D.   No Mirror Sites: The user may not create, compile, publish, host, enable, or otherwise make available a mirror site of the RUP web site, any of its constituent journal web sites (The Journal of Cell Biology, The Journal of Experimental Medicine, and The Journal of General Physiology), or any subset of the RUP or journal web sites. A “mirror site” is a web site that contains the same content as a parent web site but is located at a different geographic location from the parent site. This prohibition applies regardless of the commercial or non-commercial nature of the mirror site.

The full legal text of the license is available at

ii.  After Initial Publication Period: The Authors acknowledge that RUP will make the Article freely available to the public on RUP’s website after expiration of the Initial Publication Period, and that RUP intends to submit the Article to PubMed Central in accordance with PubMed Central’s requirements, where the Article will be released to the public after expiration of the Initial Publication Period. After the Initial Publication Period, RUP will grant to the public the non-exclusive right to copy, distribute, or display the Article under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 4.0 International license, as described at, or updates thereof.

e. Special Notice for Governmental Works and Works for Hire: RUP acknowledges that if the Manuscript was prepared under a United States Government contract or by employees of a foreign or domestic government and is subject to government publication rights, then the above license is made subject to those rights.  If an Author is unable to retain copyright in a Manuscript because the Author is an employee under a “work for hire” arrangement, the Author is responsible for ensuring that the Author’s employer grants to RUP the above license rights and has authorized the Author to sign this license. 
In cases where a manuscript is NOT accepted, the portions of this agreement regarding licensing shall be null and void.

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Author licenses that apply these terms

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