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Rockefeller University Press Journals Release Policy
on Author Name Change After Publication

Journal of Cell Biology (JCB), Journal of Experimental Medicine (JEM), and Journal of General Physiology (JGP) announce an editorial policy allowing swift and confidential updates to author names at any time and for any reason including changes to gender identity, marriage, divorce, religion, or other personal circumstances.

"We see this as a necessary step in respecting the identities of our authors as well as a natural extension of our commitment to policies that promote inclusion," says RUP Executive Director Susan King, PhD.

Under the policy, authors can contact the editorial offices to request the update to their articles. Changes will be made to any RUP articles authored by the requesting individual and will include HTML, PDF, and associated metadata. Changes will be directly and immediately pushed to Crossref, PubMed, and PMC. Names will also be updated in Rockefeller University Press (RUP) submission, production, and subscription systems as needed. Previous versions of the article are retained on RUP servers for record keeping purposes but will not be publicly accessible. Changes will not be made to citations or reference lists.

Unless instructed otherwise, requests will be managed confidentially, and the journals will not issue a formal correction and we will not notify co-authors of name changes. During the process, authors will be encouraged to update the name in their ORCID record to help ensure that the correct name is associated with their published research. If published articles associated with the name change do not include their ORCID iD, RUP will add one upon request.

The journals invite suggestions or comments about the policy at

The full text of the Author Name Change policy can be found at

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