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Giving credit where it’s due: RUP journals announce Co-Reviewer Recognition

Peer review is the cornerstone of scholarly publishing, ensuring the integrity and quality of research. Behind every thorough review is a collaborative effort. Rockefeller University Press journals encourage co-reviewing manuscripts with trainees (graduate students and postdocs). Recognizing this, RUP has implemented a process allowing invited reviewers to formally acknowledge their co-reviewers’ efforts. Invited reviewers are asked to list the names and email addresses of their co-reviewers, and co-reviewers then receive the option to link their review activity for an RUP journal with their ORCID and/or Web of Science Reviewer Recognition Service profiles. 

“This initiative was advanced by our editorial teams, highlighting the evolving dynamics of research collaboration and the importance of giving credit where it’s due,” says RUP Executive Director Susan King. “It’s about more than just recognition—it’s about fostering a culture of transparency, appreciation, and academic excellence.”

RUP encourages all reviewers to take advantage of features that allow them to receive credit for their contributions:

  • Reviewers have the choice to allow RUP to post verified reviewer credit to their ORCID records. Researchers who have created ORCID iDs can make the activity visible on their public ORCID records. Learn more about ORCID.
  • RUP assists in posting verified reviewer credit seamlessly to the Web of Science Reviewer Recognition Service for those who provide RUP and Web of Science permission to do so. The free service allows reviewers to record, verify, and publicly showcase their peer review contributions across publishers and journals. Through the platform, reviewers can download their contributions in a format that they can include in job and funding applications.

Participation in both ORCID and Web of Science Reviewer Recognition Service is voluntary. The specific articles reviewed are never disclosed, preserving reviewer anonymity. RUP does not share information without consent per our privacy policy.

We thank co-reviewers for their contributions in enhancing the integrity of scientific publishing at RUP journals.

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