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IP Address Management

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Rockefeller University Press has partnered with IP Registry to manage subscriber IP addresses. This partnership makes the process of checking, monitoring, and updating the IP addresses used to authenticate access to content more efficient. Subscriber administrators now need to make any IP updates within the IP Registry, which will sync with our authentication system.

If your IP addresses need to be edited or updated:

  • Log in or register for free at
  • View the list of all publishers receiving your updates via
  • Confirm all IPs currently registered to your institution
  • Communicate any IP address updates in your IP Registry account by adding or deleting the relevant IP address(es)
  • Note that you will receive an error message if you enter an IP address that corresponds to the wrong country or is already registered to another institution
  • If required, please supply supporting documentation

Once verified, any changes made in the IP Registry will automatically be reflected in your Admin Dashboard within 24 hours, as the API runs once per day at 7:30 AM ET.


1. Some of my IP addresses are no longer displaying in my Admin Dashboard. What happened?

If an IP address does not exist in your IP Registry record, it was removed from your RUP subscription record upon sync with the Registry. This also applies to any unverified IPs, which are highlighted in yellow in the Registry. To add the address back to your subscription access, please add and verify the address as instructed within the Registry.

2. What does the color-coding in the IP Registry mean?

The green color code in the IP Registry means the IP is verified and correct. Purple-colored IPs are also verified and correct, but the purple color indicates that the IP is a proxy/remote IP for that organization.

Yellow IPs are awaiting verification. It is important to note that any yellow IPs will NOT sync with your subscriber record and will not provide access to users attempting to access an RUP journal via one of these IP addresses. To verify yellow IP addresses, please proceed as instructed within the Registry.

3. Why do I have to use to update my IPs?

RUP believes that partnering with the IP Registry will help facilitate the process of IP updates. Libraries can use the Registry to broadcast IP changes to multiple publishers at the click of a button. For libraries that must communicate changes to many different vendors, the IP Registry will reduce the burden. Verification of IP addresses by the Registry also reduces the risk of your IP addresses being used by unauthorized accounts, and ensures that old IP addresses that may now belong to another institution, department, or division are removed from your account.

4. I've submitted changes to the IP Registry. Why don't these changes show on the Registry organization profile?

All changes are vetted and verified by the IP Registry team. Approved changes should be live on the IP Registry within 48 hours of submission. Rejected updates will be followed up by the IP Registry team also within this timeframe.

5. Can I provide IPv6?

Although the IP Registry can accept IPv6 as well as IPv4, our hosting platform currently only accepts IPv4. Any IPv6 addresses added to the Registry will be ignored during our sync process until our hosting platform is able to support IPv6.

6. There is a ‘Sync Institution With PSI’ button in my Admin Dashboard. What does that do?

This button will overwrite the addresses shown in your Admin Dashboard with those in the IP Registry. In general, there should be no need to trigger a manual sync, as any updates made in the IP Registry will automatically sync with your RUP subscription data. The API runs very two hours, so there may be some delay. 

7. What if I do not want to participate in the IP Registry?

All IP address management for RUP subscriptions is now handled by the IP Registry. There are benefits to joining the Registry, as outlined here. Even if you do not participate in the Registry, the IP addresses in your Admin Dashboard have been overwritten with those that the Registry has validated for your institution. You can no longer make changes via your Admin Dashboard. We strongly encourage you to join the Registry and claim your institution. Doing so will allow you to verify any IP addresses that are awaiting verification and add any IP addresses that might be missing. If you do not join the Registry, any update requests will need to be made via email to

8. What happens if there are no IP addresses in the IP Registry for my institution?

If there are no IP addresses (or no verified IP addresses) in the IP Registry, the record will not sync with our subscriber record. Whatever IP addresses were being used to gain access will still be in place.
PLEASE NOTE: even if you have not registered with the IP Registry, there very likely are still IP addresses that have been verified. These verified addresses WILL HAVE REPLACED those addresses in our records.

9. I didn't add the IP addresses shown on my IP Registry organization profile. Where did they come from?

PSI undertook a clean up of publisher IP addresses that involved cross-matching the data held by over 150 publishers, verifying the data against IANA data, and corresponding with individual libraries.

10. How do I access my Admin Dashboard?

You can log in or reset your password from If you need help resetting your username or password recovery email, please email

For more IP Registry-specific information, please visit

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