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Biophysics 2024

This collection highlights recent articles using a range of biophysical approaches to investigate a variety of topics, including analyses of sodium channel variants associated with epilepsy and chronic pain, the binding of fatty acid modulators to ion channels, the structure and function of myosin and other sarcomeric proteins in muscle, and more. The collection has been curated based on usage, citations, and subject matter.

Find the original research articles below and download a special magazine that contains the abstracts of all eleven studies.

We hope you enjoy reading the collection and welcome your feedback on X/Twitter @JGenPhysiol. Explore previous JGP collections and sign up to receive future special collection announcements here.

Image © 2023 Jowais et al.

Special Collection Image
Goragot Wisedchaisri; Tamer M. Gamal El-Din; Natasha M. Powell; Ning Zheng; William A. Catterall
Shuya Ishii; Kotaro Oyama; Fuyu Kobirumaki-Shimozawa; Tomohiro Nakanishi; Naoya Nakahara; Madoka Suzuki; Shin’ichi Ishiwata; Norio Fukuda
Jianshu Hu; Elisa Venturi; Charalampos Sigalas; Takashi Murayama; Miyuki Nishi; Hiroshi Takeshima; Rebecca Sitsapesan
Christopher H. Thompson; Franck Potet; Tatiana V. Abramova; Jean-Marc DeKeyser; Nora F. Ghabra; Carlos G. Vanoye; John J. Millichap; Alfred L. George, Jr
Christine Deisl; Jay H. Chung; Donald W. Hilgemann
Jessica J. Jowais; Samira Yazdi; Alessia Golluscio; Vanessa Olivier-Meo; Sara I. Liin; H. Peter Larsson
Márton A. Simon; László Csanády
John Cowgill; Baron Chanda
Shane Nelson; Samantha Beck-Previs; Sakthivel Sadayappan; Carl Tong; David M. Warshaw
Oleg S. Matusovsky; Alf Månsson; Dilson E. Rassier
Anna Ananchenko; Maria Musgaard
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