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Physiology of Pain Detection and Processing Collection 2023

This collection highlights the molecular mechanisms that underlie nociception by the sensory nervous system, including the structure and functional regulation of some of the many different ion channels involved in pain sensation and signaling. The collection has been assembled to coincide with the 76th Annual Meeting of the Society of General Physiologists. Authors can now publish in JGP free of charge or pay a reduced fee to make their articles immediately Open Access—learn more about our No Fee-Low Fee policy.

We hope you enjoy reading the collection and welcome your feedback on Twitter at @JGenPhysiol. To learn more about JGP and to submit your research, please visit our Instructions for Authors or contact the editorial office. Sign up to receive future special collections here.

Image © 2023 Ives et al.

Special Collection Image
Sophia Kriegeskorte; Raya Bott; Martin Hampl; Alon Korngreen; Ralf Hausmann; Angelika Lampert
Antonella Dapino; Federico Davoine; Sebastian Curti
Anshu Kumari; Dung M. Nguyen; Vivek Garg
Swetha E. Murthy
Nirvan Rouzbeh; Andrew R. Rau; Avery J. Benton; Feng Yi; Carly M. Anderson; Mia R. Johns; Loren Jensen; James S. Lotti; David C. Holley; Kasper B. Hansen
Rene Barro-Soria
Callum M. Ives; Neil J. Thomson; Ulrich Zachariae
Grigory Maksaev; Peng Yuan; Colin G. Nichols
Tharaka D. Wijerathne; Alper D. Ozkan; Jérôme J. Lacroix
Julia Ojeda-Alonso; Valérie Bégay; Jonathan Alexis Garcia-Contreras; Andrea Fernanda Campos-Pérez; Bettina Purfürst; Gary R. Lewin
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