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Immune Cell Biology 2022

A collection of recent articles focused on immunity and immune cells. These articles address fundamental questions of cell biology underlying inflammatory signaling, and diverse lymphocyte functions as well as immune cell development. We hope this work will appeal to immunologists interested in inflammatory pathologies, cancer, and development, as well as virologists and microbiologists. The collection includes new discoveries on immune cell aging, the resolution of phagosomes following phagocytosis, cytotoxic T cell polarization during engagement with targets, and mechanisms of immune cell egress from lymphoid organs. Readers will also find the latest work on T cell receptor activation, lymphocyte development in the thymus, and neutrophil recruitment to and motility within damaged tissues.

The JCB editorial team hopes readers enjoy this selection and we welcome your feedback via Twitter and email. You can find more articles related to immunology from JCB here, and sign up to receive notifications about our special collections here.

Image © 2021 Allam et al.

Special Collection Image
Rachel M. Brunetti; Gabriele Kockelkoren; Preethi Raghavan; George R.R. Bell; Derek Britain; Natasha Puri; Sean R. Collins; Manuel D. Leonetti; Dimitrios Stamou; Orion D. Weiner
Gordon L. Frazer; Christian M. Gawden-Bone; Nele M.G. Dieckmann; Yukako Asano; Gillian M. Griffiths
Charlene E. Lancaster; Aaron Fountain; Roaya M. Dayam; Elliott Somerville; Javal Sheth; Vanessa Jacobelli; Alex Somerville; Mauricio R. Terebiznik; Roberto J. Botelho
Ruth A. Houseright; Veronika Miskolci; Oscar Mulvaney; Valeriu Bortnov; Deane F. Mosher; Julie Rindy; David A. Bennin; Anna Huttenlocher
Rafael Deliz-Aguirre; Fakun Cao; Fenja H.U. Gerpott; Nichanok Auevechanichkul; Mariam Chupanova; YeVin Mun; Elke Ziska; Marcus J. Taylor
Tiphaine Douanne; Jane C. Stinchcombe; Gillian M. Griffiths
Longhui Zeng; Ivan Palaia; Anđela Šarić; Xiaolei Su
Kaushik Pal; Yuanchang Zhao; Yongliang Wang; Xuefeng Wang
Tanner F. Robertson; Pragati Chengappa; Daniela Gomez Atria; Christine F. Wu; Lyndsay Avery; Nathan H. Roy; Ivan Maillard; Ryan J. Petrie; Janis K. Burkhardt
Yujin Lee; Yoonji Jung; Dae-Eun Jeong; Wooseon Hwang; Seokjin Ham; Hae-Eun H. Park; Sujeong Kwon; Jasmine M. Ashraf; Coleen T. Murphy; Seung-Jae V. Lee
Amr H. Allam; Mirren Charnley; Kim Pham; Sarah M. Russell
Jacques Behmoaras; Jesús Gil
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