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JEM Immunology Collection 2018

From basic research into fundamental cellular and molecular processes in the immune system to innovative translational studies with therapeutic implications, this collection explores recent and exciting advances in immunology and reflects diverse new lines of research, celebrating intersections with other fields such as cancer and metabolism.

For over 120 years, JEM has been a venue for seminal studies that have helped to establish our understanding of the basic principles of the immune system and move the field of research to new frontiers, aiding in the development of new therapies for multiple diseases.

We hope you enjoy this collection, and we invite you to learn more about publishing in JEM.

Image: An Il4ra–/– mouse thymus stained for CD4 (blue), CD8 (green), and the medullary epithelial cell marker ERTR5 (red), highlighting an epithelial-free area within the thymic medulla. The image provided by White et al. was featured on the cover the August 2017 JEM and corresponds to their article “A type 2 cytokine axis for thymus emigration.”

Special Collection Image
Dave Boucher; Mercedes Monteleone; Rebecca C. Coll; Kaiwen W. Chen; Connie M. Ross; Jessica L. Teo; Guillermo A. Gomez; Caroline L. Holley; Damien Bierschenk; Katryn J. Stacey; Alpha S. Yap; Jelena S. Bezbradica; Kate Schroder
Zinal S. Chheda; Gary Kohanbash; Kaori Okada; Naznin Jahan; John Sidney; Matteo Pecoraro; Xinbo Yang; Diego A. Carrera; Kira M. Downey; Shruti Shrivastav; Shuming Liu; Yi Lin; Chetana Lagisetti; Pavlina Chuntova; Payal B. Watchmaker; Sabine Mueller; Ian F. Pollack; Raja Rajalingam; Angel M. Carcaboso; Matthias Mann; Alessandro Sette; K. Christopher Garcia; Yafei Hou; Hideho Okada
Mark Y. Jeng; Philip A. Hull; Mingjian Fei; Hye-Sook Kwon; Chia-Lin Tsou; Herb Kasler; Che-Ping Ng; David E. Gordon; Jeffrey Johnson; Nevan Krogan; Eric Verdin; Melanie Ott
Karen V. Swanson; Robert D. Junkins; Cathryn J. Kurkjian; Elizabeth Holley-Guthrie; Avani A. Pendse; Rachid El Morabiti; Alex Petrucelli; Glen N. Barber; Chris A. Benedict; Jenny P.-Y. Ting
Zhe Zhu; Matthew J. Gorman; Lisa D. McKenzie; Jiani N. Chai; Christopher G. Hubert; Briana C. Prager; Estefania Fernandez; Justin M. Richner; Rong Zhang; Chao Shan; Eric Tycksen; Xiuxing Wang; Pei-Yong Shi; Michael S. Diamond; Jeremy N. Rich; Milan G. Chheda
Lance W. Peterson; Naomi H. Philip; Alexandra DeLaney; Meghan A. Wynosky-Dolfi; Kendra Asklof; Falon Gray; Ruth Choa; Elisabet Bjanes; Elisabeth L. Buza; Baofeng Hu; Christopher P. Dillon; Douglas R. Green; Scott B. Berger; Peter J. Gough; John Bertin; Igor E. Brodsky
Bin Cao; Lindsay A. Parnell; Michael S. Diamond; Indira U. Mysorekar
Amit A. Patel; Yan Zhang; James N. Fullerton; Lies Boelen; Anthony Rongvaux; Alexander A. Maini; Venetia Bigley; Richard A. Flavell; Derek W. Gilroy; Becca Asquith; Derek Macallan; Simon Yona
Laura J. Pallett; Jessica Davies; Emily J. Colbeck; Francis Robertson; Navjyot Hansi; Nicholas J.W. Easom; Alice R. Burton; Kerstin A. Stegmann; Anna Schurich; Leo Swadling; Upkar S. Gill; Victoria Male; TuVinh Luong; Amir Gander; Brian R. Davidson; Patrick T.F. Kennedy; Mala K. Maini
Jason B. Williams; Brendan L. Horton; Yan Zheng; Yukan Duan; Jonathan D. Powell; Thomas F. Gajewski
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