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Cancer Cell Biology 2019

A collection on the fundamental molecular and cellular events shaping tumors, novel potential therapeutic avenues, including core mechanistic findings and translational studies. Learn about wide-ranging -omics studies identifying progenitor cell vulnerabilities that could be targeted in chemo-prevention, as well as works teasing out the determinants of transformation, invasion, and dissemination. Explore analyses that define the biomechanics of invasive behavior and that dissect the genetic changes driving tumorigenesis. Read about the mechanisms by which cancer cells co-opt cellular pathways to enhance growth signals.

Our interest in translational cell biology is further highlighted through our new Inside Look series, which illustrates how cell biology can be harnessed in the clinic. Important studies of cell division and T cell signaling have paved the way for current anti-mitotic therapies and immune checkpoint blockade drugs, two topics detailed in Inside Looks.

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Image Credit:

Special Collection Image
Enfu Hui
Julia Tischer; Fanni Gergely
Orit Katarina Sirka; Eliah R. Shamir; Andrew J. Ewald
Rocío G. Sampayo; Andrés M. Toscani; Matthew G. Rubashkin; Kate Thi; Luciano A. Masullo; Ianina L. Violi; Jonathon N. Lakins; Alfredo Cáceres; William C. Hines; Federico Coluccio Leskow; Fernando D. Stefani; Dante R. Chialvo; Mina J. Bissell; Valerie M. Weaver; Marina Simian
Scott R. Frank; Clemens P. Köllmann; Phi Luong; Giorgio G. Galli; Lihua Zou; André Bernards; Gad Getz; Raffaele A. Calogero; Morten Frödin; Steen H. Hansen
Scott W. Messenger; Sang Su Woo; Zhongze Sun; Thomas F.J. Martin
Alison E. Casey; Ankit Sinha; Rajat Singhania; Julie Livingstone; Paul Waterhouse; Pirashaanthy Tharmapalan; Jennifer Cruickshank; Mona Shehata; Erik Drysdale; Hui Fang; Hyeyeon Kim; Ruth Isserlin; Swneke Bailey; Tiago Medina; Genevieve Deblois; Yu-Jia Shiah; Dalia Barsyte-Lovejoy; Stefan Hofer; Gary Bader; Mathieu Lupien; Cheryl Arrowsmith; Stefan Knapp; Daniel De Carvalho; Hal Berman; Paul C. Boutros; Thomas Kislinger; Rama Khokha
Carla A.M. Lopes; Marta Mesquita; Ana Isabel Cunha; Joana Cardoso; Sara Carapeta; Cátia Laranjeira; António E. Pinto; José B. Pereira-Leal; António Dias-Pereira; Mónica Bettencourt-Dias; Paula Chaves
Tim B. Fessenden; Yvonne Beckham; Mathew Perez-Neut; Guillermina Ramirez-San Juan; Aparajita H. Chourasia; Kay F. Macleod; Patrick W. Oakes; Margaret L. Gardel
Alexander D. Rhys; Pedro Monteiro; Christopher Smith; Malti Vaghela; Teresa Arnandis; Takuya Kato; Birgit Leitinger; Erik Sahai; Andrew McAinsh; Guillaume Charras; Susana A. Godinho
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