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Protons and Membrane Function

For both basic and clinical physiology researchers, a collection including advances in understanding the physiology of proton channels and the ability of protons to regulate other ion channels, to the development of new small molecule inhibitors. We hope you enjoy reading this collection, and that you consider JGP as a venue to publish your work. Please contact the editorial office if you would like to discuss your ongoing research and its suitability for JGP. Sign up to receive future special collections here and follow JGP on twitter (@JGenPhysiol).

Image © 2021 Chen et al.

Special Collection Image
Chang Zhao; Liang Hong; Jason D. Galpin; Saleh Riahi; Victoria T. Lim; Parker D. Webster; Douglas J. Tobias; Christopher A. Ahern; Francesco Tombola
Chang Zhao; Liang Hong; Saleh Riahi; Victoria T. Lim; Douglas J. Tobias; Francesco Tombola
Matthew L. Rook; Megan Miaro; Tyler Couch; Dana L. Kneisley; Maria Musgaard; David M. MacLean
Zhuyuan Chen; Georg Kuenze; Jens Meiler; Cecilia M. Canessa
Pengfei Liang; Huanghe Yang
Haiyuan Wang; Pu Yang; Yungang Lu; Jin Wang; Jaepyo Jeon; Qiaochu Wang; Jin-Bin Tian; Bin Zang; Ye Yu; Michael X. Zhu
Yunqing Zhou; Sarah M. Assmann; Timothy Jegla
Michael Pusch; Giovanni Zifarelli
Vladimir V. Cherny; Boris Musset; Deri Morgan; Sarah Thomas; Susan M.E. Smith; Thomas E. DeCoursey
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