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2020 Germinal Centers and Immune Niches

A collection of latest discoveries related to germinal center biology, from immune cell interaction and dynamics, to generation of germinal center immune cell subsets, gene expression regulation and chromatin remodeling and development of malignancies.

Adaptive immune responses against pathogenic microbes are based on the generation of effector cells and high affinity and specific antibodies that give rise to long lasting immunity and guide appropriate pathogen clearance. The presentation of antigens, with subsequent generation of antibody producing cells primarily takes place in specialized microanatomical sites within lymphoid organs such lymph nodes and spleen, known as germinal centers. These are highly dynamic structures that encompass a milieu of cells such as B and T lymphocytes, dendritic cells that interact with each other in an affinity-based selection process.

We hope you appreciate this collection. If you are interested in submitting work in this field, contact JEM Senior Scientific Editor Montserrat Cols at [email protected]. We also encourage your comments on Twitter at @JExpMed.

Image © 2020 The Francis Crick Institute

Special Collection Image
Antony B. Holmes; Clarissa Corinaldesi; Qiong Shen; Rahul Kumar; Nicolo Compagno; Zhong Wang; Mor Nitzan; Eli Grunstein; Laura Pasqualucci; Riccardo Dalla-Favera; Katia Basso
Xin Li; Liying Gong; Alexandre P. Meli; Danielle Karo-Atar; Weili Sun; Yongrui Zou; Irah L. King; Hua Gu
Amparo Toboso-Navasa; Arief Gunawan; Giulia Morlino; Rinako Nakagawa; Andrea Taddei; Djamil Damry; Yash Patel; Probir Chakravarty; Martin Janz; George Kassiotis; Robert Brink; Martin Eilers; Dinis Pedro Calado
Zhiyong Yang; Chung-An M. Wu; Sasha Targ; Christopher D.C. Allen
Xuehui Long; Le Zhang; Yang Zhang; Min Min; Bichun Lin; Jingjing Chen; Xiaojie Ma; Sulan Zhai; Zhenming Cai; Yingxia Liu; Yanlai Lu; Nan Che; Wenfeng Tan; Jun Qin; Xiaoming Wang
Liat Stoler-Barak; Adi Biram; Natalia Davidzohn; Yoseph Addadi; Ofra Golani; Ziv Shulman
Pablo F. Cañete; Rebecca A. Sweet; Paula Gonzalez-Figueroa; Ilenia Papa; Naganari Ohkura; Holly Bolton; Jonathan A. Roco; Marta Cuenca; Katharine J. Bassett; Ismail Sayin; Emma Barry; Angel Lopez; David H. Canaday; Michael Meyer-Hermann; Claudio Doglioni; Barbara Fazekas de St Groth; Shimon Sakaguchi; Matthew C. Cook; Carola G. Vinuesa
Jessica A. Kotov; Dmitri I. Kotov; Jonathan L. Linehan; Vivian J. Bardwell; Micah D. Gearhart; Marc K. Jenkins
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